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Clay Foster, M.F.A.

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Bachelor of Arts in Art

Overview of an Art Major

An Art major is a person who is focused on the need to be curative and to live a creative life. He/she strongly believes that art production is central to his/her life, a belief quite different from just learning traditions from the past or just talking about art. The Art major believes that art production should be linked intrinsically to perception and reflection. The perception linkage refers to learning to see better, to hear better, to make finer discriminations, and to see connections between things. The reflection linkage refers to being able to step back from both production and perceptions and to ask oneself “what, why, and how well am I doing this?”


The Art major at LeMoyne-Owen College is a person who has goals and objectives for his/her life’s work. The Art major is not a dreamer for dreaming’s sake, but an individual who is driven to accomplish a body of work that will speak for itself. Through a paradigm of required courses, the Art major embraces an array of design principles along with studio involvement and a concise study of the periods of art resulting in a comprehensive survey of the visual arts from prehistory to the present times.

Mission Statement

The ART Faculty seek to create for their majors an academic environment that
fosters learning so that students master a prescribed body of knowledge through structured, intellectual processes that yield sound critical judgment and aesthetic appreciation of literary traditions, historical contexts, and linguistic concerns.

A Few of Our students and their Work
Jamond Bullock
Shambreon Richardson
Jamond Bullock
Howard Franklin
Name unavailable

Jamond Bullock
Jamond Bullock
Andre Goodman
Andre Goodman

Note to Aspiring Art Majors from Mr. Dotson

Mr. Dotson

This fall will bring us together on a journey of excitement as we reach to achieve a greater sense of creativity. We are reminded of the power of the master of all creativity, and we must focus our energies and concentration to be more like the master creator.


To bring into being shapes, forms and compositions; to broaden one’s borders; to encompass the concept that learning does not exist as a single entity but exists in relationship to multiple stimuli is a challenge to each person. We call this concept a Teaching and Learning Community.


We further think that a Teaching and Learning Community (TLC) at LeMoyne-Owen College is a community of active learners who expand and cross traditional classroom boundaries to teach and learn interactively from each other in a planned and structured manner. Its principal goal is the intellectual, moral and spiritual transformation of each participant.


The TLC strives to contribute to the preservation of African American culture, to enable all learners to thrive in a global community, to creatively, consciously, and ethically use technological innovations, and to create and use resources that address the cultural, scientific, social, political, and economic issues of the world community. My desire is that each of you as Art Majors will embrace all aspects of TLC in your Art courses and cross discipline CORE classes to help create a truly unique learning experience here at LeMoyne-Owen College.

Art Faculty

Phillip R. Dotson, M.F.A
Area Coordinator
Office: Steele Hall, Room B06
Office Phone: (901) 435-1305


Associate Professor
Clabourne Foster, M.F.A.
Office: Steele Hall, Room 208
Office Phone: (901) 435-1307


Ronald Johnson, M.F.A.
Office: Steele Hall, Room B03
Office Phone: (901) 435-1173