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Division of Fine Arts and Humanities


Clay FosterDivision Chair
Clay Foster, M.F.A.

EMAIL: clay_foster@loc.edu

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LeMoyne-Owen College
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Office: (901) 435-1306
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Bachelor of Arts in English
Through a paradigm of required courses, the English major embraces the literary traditions conveyed through the English language—British, American, and African American—n an integrated manner. In addition, it involves a study of the history of English as it has evolved over centuries to the present day. Such a program develops the “cultivated intellect” that renders the graduate able to think critically and to express himself effectively, in both speaking and writing. With that education, the graduate may enter the professional world or graduate studies as a responsibly contributing member.

English Major Student Organizations
The English Club: Required participation for majors, this club meets regularly during the semester and supplements the major with correlated activities;

The Poetry Society
: This group promotes the Spoken- Word Artists and Poets workshop, and hosts open mic events and performances;

The Contemporary Griots: The LOC Drama Club sponsors play readings and dramatic presentations of plays, both on campus and in the community.
English Area Events
To enrich culturally the student activities on campus and to participate in community outreach to greater Memphis, the English area sponsors several organizations that complement the intellectual development of its majors.

Fagin Lecture in the Humanities: The Fagin Lecture and associated presentations have been given by such eminent scholars as Dr. Horace Porter, Stanford University; Dr. Richard Barksdale, Harvard University; Dr. Clifton Johnson, Tulane University; Dr. Riggins Earl, Jr., Emory University; and such noted authors as Perre Magness, Clifton Toulbert, and Nikky Finney.

LeMoyne-Owen College Sunday: Each year, majors in the Fine Arts and Humanities Division perform at one of Memphis’ finest entertainment venues. In both 2012 and 2013, the students were featured at the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Memphis.

Beyond Poetic Chains is the annual publication of the Poetry Society

English Faculty

Associate Professor
Jonathan C. Tutor, Ph.D.
Office: Steele Hall, Room 109
Office Phone: (901) 435-1314


Associate Professor
Linda M. White, Ph.D.
Office: Steele Hall, Room
Office Phone: (901) 435-1316





Assistant Professor
Tom Graves, M.F.A.
Office: Steele Hall, Room
Office Phone: (901) 435-1304



Ruby Hardy-Minter, M.S.
Coordinator of Developmental English
Office: Steele Hall, Room 106
Office Phone: (901) 435-1311


MinterAssistant Professor
Christy Harper, M.F A.
Office: Steele Hall, Room 104
Office Phone: (901) 435-1312