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Clay Foster, M.F.A.

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Bachelors of Art In Humanities

One of the oldest majors at the College, the Humanities program is grounded in the intellectual pursuits of scholars. Dr. Juanita Williamson, internationally respected linguist and late Distinguished Service Professor at LeMoyne-Owen College, in her statement about the centrality of the humanities to mankind's efforts to learn noted that "... among the areas of man's learning and lore, [it is] the area of the humanities that has addressed itself to the knowing of mankind and, thus, is a frame of reference through which to view the expanding knowledge man has gained through the ages (in our time particularly, the explosion of knowledge, both basic and applied): a framework through which all technological and scientific knowledge must be viewed if the end of man is not to be a desiccation of spirit and a fatigue that turns the human being into little more than a computer or a robot.

[There is] a body of knowledge within the humanities--Art, Music, Drama, English, History, Foreign Languages, Philosophy--that makes it unique in itself, [but] there is also a common thread that runs through them all: each takes as its central focus the study of the measure of man and deals through its own frame of reference with such questions as 'What is man?' 'Where do we come from?' 'Where do we go?' 'What is the meaning of life?'." At LeMoyne-Owen College this thinking is embodied in the Humanities major.


Introduction to the Humanities Major

Career Opportunities
The humanities major develops critical thinkers, good communicators and flexible workers who can meet the multiple needs of ever-changing career markets. The curriculum is planned for broad areas of flexibility and a great deal of independence in selecting careers. Students who major in the Humanities are encouraged to continue their education in graduate school. If they choose not to attend graduate school immediately after completing their college education, students can enter into diversified careers due to their study in the humanities in college, these careers include some of the following: chaplaincy, activities directors, Christian Education directors in churches, art gallery directors, museum curators, employment in various areas of the Park Commission, library information systems, mass media, teaching in secondary or higher education, performance opportunities, and the law profession. They can be associated with organizations such as the Urban League, NAACP, operation PUSH.


Humanities Faculty

Humanities Faculty


Assistant Professor
Tom Graves, M.F.A.
Area Coordinator
Office: Steele Hall, Room  206
Office Phone: (901) 435-1304 

Telissah Williams, M.S.
Office: Steele Hall, Room 110
Office Phone: (901) 435-1313