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The Net Price Calculator is intended for use by prospective first-time, full-time degree/certificate-seeking students to determine an estimated net cost of attendance. Using both student-entered and institution-provided data, the Net Price Calculator allows prospective students to calculate an estimated net price at LeMoyne-Owen College using the following basic formula: Price of attendance minus grant aid. Based on the information entered by the student, an average net price of attendance is generated based on what similar students paid in the previous year.

Disclaimer - Please read before proceeding.
By clicking below, you acknowledge that this calculator is intended for incoming freshmen who plan to enroll as full-time students and apply for financial assistance. This calculator provides only a rough approximation of financial aid (and even then, only if accurate data is entered into the calculator).

Again, this is only an estimate for new, first-year undergraduate students. It's not an official application for financial aid. The calculator is not designed to replace the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or a complete financial aid award package provided by a college financial aid office. It's not a substitute for officially applying for financial aid. And it does not guarantee the actual financial aid you will receive.

At LeMoyne-Owen College we review each financial aid application individually and consider special circumstances. You also may receive competitive scholarships that aren't factored into this form. Not all students will qualify for all of the aid that the calculator indicates may be available. Please contact one of our Admissions representatives (901 435-1500) after you fill out the estimator. He or she can help you interpret the results.

New, first-year students, here's what you need:

  1. 2015 U.S. Income Tax Return and W2 statement(s) for the student and parent(s)
  2. Student's academic information (including cumulative GPA, high school rank and class size, and also standardized test scores, if applicable)
  3. 15 minutes of time
We look forward to reviewing the results with you soon.

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